Dear, Guest!

We are very happy to welcome you to PRIZ.GURU website.

We wanted to get the name TRIZ, but it would not be right. TRIZ is huge and fundamental. We are just some derivative from TRIZ. We are PRIZ – Practical TRIZ.

You can Google “TRIZ” to find relevant articles, but let us briefly explain you what TRIZ is about by asking two questions:

First question: “What does a patent attorney do when someone brings him his idea for documentation?” Right. Your answer is correct. A patent attorney searches for similar ideas that are already patented.

Second question: “Why do different people lived in different countries and in different period stumbled the same problems and, more than that, proposed the same type of the solution?” Right. Not easy question, not easy at all. Nevertheless, Genrich Altshuller, TRIZ creator, answered this question and the answer is as follows: “The evolution of all technical systems is governed by objective laws”. What does it mean? It means that your cell phone look came not from a designer caprice. No. The designer had no possibilities to make your cell phone differently.

So, if we have an objective laws we can learn them and use them as we use nature laws, physics, mathematics, chemistry, biologic and so on laws.

So, a problem solving and ideation process is science and this science has a name – TRIZ.


We learned TRIZ and we use TRIZ every day everywhere because we think TRIZ. Think TRIZ it means do not think in general, but think innovative to be dedicated to certain subject.

Since nobody wants to think solely and always pulls computer as a best friend for thinking, we are planning to collect the main TRIZ ideas in the form of practical applications and propose them to you to make you think different, to make you think inventive.

Our purpose.

Our purpose is to help you to generate and realize your ideas using PRIZ tools and Virtual Start Up.

We propose the number of different Inventive thinking Tools that will help an Inventor to be focused on the problem he is dealing with and to get the best solution, proper documentation and excellent opportunity for the implementation of the idea.

An inventor that generated a brilliant idea faces number of how-blockers:

  • how to proof that the proposed idea is best solution of the problem that the inventor solved;
  • how to proof that the idea belongs to the inventor;
  • how to look for an investor;
  • how to spend the investment by the best and most efficient way;
  • how to proceed if the investment has been completely spent but some additional actions are needed so far…

So, it is not easy to be an inventor especially if you have a brilliant idea.



PRIZ GURU system aims to help an inventor to solve the problems mentioned above and answer questions:

  1. No questions about an excellence of your idea because it was created using special inventive thinking problem solving tools bent for ideation;
  2. No question about ownership because your invention process will be strictly documented. The report on your invention process as a “finger print” of your idea will protect your intellectual property;
  3. No question about investment handling if you decide to go to Virtual Start Up (VSU).

Virtual Start Up (VSU) – how it works

According to a traditional scheme available in an Investor is purchasing future of the startup. Virtual Start Up (VSU) is completely

The VSU concept is that

  1. Since an Inventor posts an Idea in the Virtual Start Up (VSU) Store he becomes the VSU owner with 100% ownership;
  2. The Idea and relevant information become visible for Contributors and Investors that Logged In the PRIZ GURU;
  3. Relevant information – any information that is required for the VSU success – the Idea description on “need to know” level including definition of the project target (for instance, proof of concept, prototype, program, website or so) and general plan of the action on how to reach the target;
  4. Based on the published plan and the idea description Contributor can propose his participation in the form of relevant work for the project promotion. The only requirement to a Contributor proposal is that the result should clearly measurable and lead the project to the target.
  5. After completion the work a Contributor receive compensation for his work in the form of percent of the VSU ownership according to agreement with the Inventor (major owner) made prior to starting the work.
  6. Both Contributor and Inventor can propose to sell their shares.
  7. The shares became available and exercisable when the work is completed.
  8. An Investor is allowed to purchase exercisable shares proposed for sell based on negotiation with the shareholder (Inventor or Contributor).
  9. Any payments by an Investor should be done directly to relevant person. People participated in the financial operation are responsible for their own taxes.