RRM – Round-Robin Matrix is an analytical tool built to help making decisions:

  • Cherry-picking between number of different options
  • Ranking of different option to achieve your target


RRM tool is based on concept that we cannot reasonably choose one best option out of number of possible options. Our brain can compare and make a choice out of two options only. Therefore, RRM tool drives us to make comparison by all possible combinations of couples. Based on you choices the system sorts the options by ranking and defines the “winner” options. RRM is an excellent tool for priority definition.


RRM tool operates as follows:

Step 1: Define target. Please think, decide and write your target using tab “Targets”. As an alternative, you can use one of the ready to go templates to create your own target.
Step 2: Define options. Please define possible options that will allow you to achieve the target. If the target was created from template, some options should already be available; you can change them as you wish. (Click tab “Manage Options” and list the options using tab “Add”. )
Step 3: Match options. Please start comparing of the options by couples using tab “Begin Matching”. Compare options and click on the “winner”.
Step 4: Get your choice. In the end of matching process, your chosen option will appear. Click “Your options ranking” to see the list of the options sorted by ranking from highest to lowest score.