Action Preventing Action (APA)

People are willing to innovate to achieve their charismatic ambitions.

Many Innovation Platforms help to Innovate, actually answer the question “How to innovate?”

Nevertheless, the question “What to innovate?” has not less importance.

PRIZ Guru Innovation Platform provides instruments to answer the questions of both how to innovate but also answer the question “What to innovate?”

An innovation becomes significant and successful if it solves somebody’s problem if your potential customer is satisfied.

We propose a new creative thinking tool Action Preventing Action (APA) that is completely dedicated to the identification of customer needs.

Our fundamental concept is:

The highest level of customer satisfaction can be achieved if the supplier prevents the customer from his current activity.

The activity of a customer and a supplier are shown on the chart below:

APA tool helps to describe the customer actions that could be taken out by a supplier.

APA creative thinking tool aims to help an innovator to define customer needs. The definition of correct customer needs ensures business success.

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