Dear, Friends!

We are very happy to welcome you to PRIZ.GURU website.

We are PRIZ – Practical TRIZ.

We learned TRIZ and we use TRIZ every day everywhere because we think TRIZ.

Since nobody likes to think solely and always pulls computer as a best friend for thinking together, we are collected and will continue to collect inventive thinking tools and convert them in the form of practical applications for your convenience.

PRIZ.GURU is new ideas creator – web-based system stimulating problem-solving and new ideas generation. A special peculiarity is a documentation of the invention process.

A lot of excellent ideas are invented and dying on the same day without any evaluation. An inventor definitely wants to publish his idea, but he also afraid that the idea will be stolen. Indeed an investor has no any legal mode to prove that certain idea created by the inventor and belongs to him.

We propose a web-based system stimulating inventive thinking that guides an inventor through certain steps and requests proper documentation of all invention process. The report out will include inventor name, date and description of all creative steps that conveyed the inventor to the idea. The report – idea “fingerprint” is used for innovator rights protection.