PRIZ Innovation Platform is an Online Platform to Accelerate Ideation & Innovation Processes Through Systematic Problem-Solving

The value is a saved time

Fast closing of process excursions, fast completion of improvement projects

What are the advantages of the platform?

  • Easy to use – an engineer can operate as a professional problem solver
  • Easy to manage and track – the system integrates project management and problem solving tools (one-stop-shop)
  • Easy to report out – the system documents all the data, comments, solutions, etc. The report is generated automatically

Where the platform is the most effective?

  • Equipment or process troubleshooting
  • Excursion prevention
  • Process yield improvement
  • Process cost reduction
  • Process time shortening
  • Risk management
  • Working teams efficiency improvements
  • Safety improvements

What does the PRIZ Platform provide?

  • Project management integrated with creative thinking tools
  • Workspace suitable for both personal or teamwork
  • Proper documentation of all details allows effective management and tracking
  • An automatic report out of the project, including all solutions/ideas and processes of their generation
  • Detailed documentation of the ideation process (“idea fingerprint”) is a protection of the rights.

The platform offers 10 creative thinking tools which help with:

  • Task priority management (Urgency-Important Matrix)
  • Ranking and decision making (Round-Robin Ranking)
  • Identification of blockers in achieving a goal (Perception Mapping)
  • Root cause analysis (Cause-Effect Chain Analysis and 5+Whys)
  • Brainstorming (Effective Brainstorming)
  • Solutions and ideas generation (40 Inventive principles)
  • System analysis in space and time (9 Windows)
  • Functional analysis of a system (Functional Modeling)
  • Identification of what a customer needs (Action Preventing Action) 

Security and privacy are our first priorities.

  • PRIZ Guru Innovation Platform is a cloud-based multi-tenancy application. We are committed to maintaining the highest level of security and privacy by following the industry’s best practices.
  • In the latest audit completed for a biotech enterprise, PRIZ Platform scored 99 out of 100.
  • As an additional option, we are offering on-premise installation to have everything completely isolated from any of our other clients.

PRIZ Guru team offers training and guidance in professional problem solving and innovation projects management

Our training is devoted to problem-solving methods and covers fundamentals and practical use, including real case studies.

The list of lectures (modules) and a brief explanation are available on the CONSULTING page of the website.

Please attend below “PRIZ Innovation Platform Overview”: