How to define urgency and importance of tasks when prioritizing?

Tasks prioritization is a key instrument for making your work more effective. If you want to achieve more with less, and if you want to waste less time for output and instead be outcome-oriented, then task prioritization is mandatory. Tasks prioritization is a typical management tool, but it is useful for managers, engineers, and technicians because it tool helps to manage your personal activity, improves the efficiency of your work, increases impact, and evidently helps your promotion. In this article, we want to concentrate on how to define urgency and importance correctly. Urgency – Importance Matrix Urgency – Importance Matrix is…

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How to prioritize tasks with Urgency–Importance Matrix in PRIZ Online Platform

My wife and I like to travel and we travel a lot. Recently we spent three weeks in China, but when the vacation was over, we had to return to work. I came to my workplace, entered my cubicle, and, as on any other day, opened the laptop and connected to the company’s systems. Pretty quickly I realized that those three weeks are too short for vacation but very long to be disconnected from work. Many things happened, and I needed to make up the leeway to get up to speed with everything that had happened and related to my…

How to Manage Tasks Priority with Urgency – Importance Matrix (UIM)?

We are excited to announce a recent release of an additional Creative Thinking Tool in PRIZ online innovation platform, Urgency – Importance Matrix (UIM). This tool is built to help you to avoid mistakes, save time in managing tasks priority and make decisions. The new tool is a practical instrument for task priority management. Urgency – Important Matrix is most effective in conjunction with Roun – Robin Ranking (RRR). About Urgency – Importance Matrix (UIM) Tasks priority management by Urgency – Important Matrix is widely described in the literature. You can find a lot of relevant information on the Internet….

Decision making with Round Robin Ranking (RRR)

We all need to make a lot of decisions by choosing and ranking items/options on a daily bases. Sometimes it looks easy but often takes a long time to make the decision. It is not easy to choose one option out of several. It seems paradoxical, but our decision is typically driven by trying to avoid a mistake rather than searching for a bigger benefit. We are more afraid of making a mistake than to not get what we need. Our fear of losing is stronger than the desire to acquire. The difficulty of decision making depends on a chance…