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Our experts will guide you through every step, helping you master the PRIZ ecosystem, its functionalities, and problem-solving techniques. With tailored training, you'll be well-prepared to tackle any challenge that comes your way.


Our training services teach systematic and systemic problem-solving, with the aid of PRIZ software tools. You will learn to analyze problems, identify root causes, and develop innovative solutions. We tailor the training to your needs and ensure you and your team can apply what you learn. You will have a solid understanding of problem-solving processes, methodologies, and software tools, and be able to apply them to a wide range of challenges.

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Our consulting services provide organizations with the tools needed to identify and address complex engineering problems. We offer assistance with problem-solving, innovation project management, process and product improvement, cost reduction, and process development. Our experts apply various processes, methodologies and PRIZ tools to help you succeed.

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Our goal is to enable engineering teams to effectively analyze and solve complex engineering problems. Our experienced facilitators will assist at any step in the problem-solving process while remaining neutral throughout the project. The facilitation sessions will allow the team to solve problems and, at the same time, train on processes, methodologies, and the PRIZ ecosystem.

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