Release – PRIZ Hub

The long-overdue release is here! Get ready to take the next step in your innovation journey! We are thrilled to announce the launch of PRIZ Hub, where your hard work and creative ideas will be on full display. Join the PRIZ Hub community and unleash your innovation potential! Showcase your awesome work, receive valuable feedback, connect with like-minded individuals, and attract potential investors. Part of the PRIZ ecosystem, PRIZ Hub offers a platform for you to showcase your problem-solving skills and expertise as an innovator. Open to all, PRIZ Hub is the perfect place for anyone looking to make an…

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Beta release: AI Facilitator – Phase I

AI is not going to replace you, the one who is using AI will! With the recent release of GPT-3 (soon GPT-4) by OpenAI many companies started leveraging its capabilities. So, why wouldn’t we? Actually, our long-term vision anyways is to create a machine-assisted innovation platform. OpenAI just enabled us to do it earlier. We’re excited to share that our AI Facilitator is now available in beta and it’s the first step in our big plan. You may have heard people discussing whether machines can solve real problems, but the truth is, they can only provide solutions that have already…

Webinar 10: Process Functional Modelling with the PRIZ Innovation Platform

Process Functional Model is an analytical problem-solving & innovation tool that helps us to analyze the whole process holistically. PFM is built to make better strategic and tactical decisions in identifying opportunities for improvement and implementing solutions in complex processes in an organization. You are invited to join us for a free webinar where we will explore how Process Functional Modeling can help us in maintaining, improving, and creating processes. Webinar 10 will take place on February 16, 2023, at 11 am EST (6 pm IST, 4 pm GMT, 8 am PST). During the webinar, we will learn:

New Process Functional Model Tool

Organizational processes are a vital part of any business, and improving them can lead to cost savings, increased efficiency, and better overall performance. Whether it’s identifying and resolving issues within a larger process or finding ways to reduce costs, the task of process improvement falls on many professionals within an organization. For those who work in teams, the process of analyzing, identifying problems, and finding solutions to improve the process is a daily task. And we created a tool to help with these tasks. Today, we want to introduce the newly released tool in the PRIZ Innovation Platform that is…

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