Process Functional Modeling

Process Functional Modeling (PFM) is an analytical tool to learn the process through modeling of different operations, solving problems, and defining ways to the improvement of any fabrication process. PFM is an extension of the System Functional Modeling (SFM) and it allows us to analyze the whole process vs one particular operation in the process.

What will you get from the Process Functional Modeling?

  • Learn and understand how a process operates
  • Visualize and understand each operation within a process
  • Analyze and comprehend the functional value and contribution of each operation within a process
  • Make strategic and tactical decisions for process improvements
  • Create a common language within the organization

When should you use Functional Modeling?

Among many cases when Process Functional Modeling is useful for us as problem solvers and innovators, we want to highlight just a few:

  • Process design
  • Improve existing processes
  • Reduce the complexity of a process and reduce costs
  • Improve process yield
  • Identify redundant and low-value operations
  • Lean, Kaizen, and similar events