Round-Robin Ranking

How to make a decision with Round-Robin Ranking?

Round-Robin Ranking (RRR) is a creative thinking tool helping to manage tasks/options/items priority and make decisions:

  • Cherry-picking between a number of different options/items
  • Ranking of different tasks/options to achieve your target

RRR tool is based on the concept that we cannot reasonably choose one best option out of the number of possible options. Our brain can compare and make a choice out of two options only. Therefore, RRR tool drives us to make a comparison by all possible combinations of couples. Based on your choices the system sorts the options by ranking and defining the “winner” options. RRR is an excellent tool for priority definition.

How to manage tasks priority RRR tool operates as follows:

Step 1

Click any orange button “ONLINE PLATFORM” and arrive at the project creation page. Create a new project. You can choose any suitable title corresponding to your search. For instance, “Chose a car out of list”, “Rank actions I am performing daily”, “Define the best gift out of the list of the gifts”, “Rank actions to solve certain problems” and so on.

Step 2

By clicking next you will be navigated to the project tasks wizard. You can skip this page and also “Task manager” page.

Step 3

Click to “Creative tools” on the menu on the right side and choose Round-Robin Ranking as a tool. By clicking on “Learn more” you will be navigated to the tool explanation. Click “Use” and you will get to the “Items for ranking” page. Add options/Items one-by-one using the button “Add”. In this way, you will collect options or items you need to rank.

Step 4

After inserting of last option/item, click “Start Ranking” and you will be navigated to the “Ranking the Options/Items” page. You will see two options/items for voting. Vote for an option/item that is mostly closed to your target or expectation. After clicking “Upvote” click “Save & Next” and you will see another pair of options/items for voting. You will need to process all pairs for voting. When you get to the last pair please vote and click the “Save & See results” button. A ranking table will appear on the page. The higher the rank the higher the importance of the option/item.

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