Step 1

Identify the right problem and define the correct problem statement.

Describe your problem statement. Do not mess failures and problems. A flat tire – the tire that is not able to keep an air – cannot be your problem. This is a failure. Your problems could be: you cannot get to the destination on time or so. Do not forget that prioritization and making decision are also problems that request creative thinking tools usage.

Step 2

Enhance your talent with creative thinking tools.

Use the creative thinking tools for problem solving, as a carpenter uses his specific toolset. Creative thinking tools focus you into certain subject, supply you with tips relevant to your problem, make you think definitely and creatively. Use relevant tools also for tasks priority and decision making.

Step 3

Think and generate innovative ideas

Use all the tips you got from creative thinking tools and think. Think about your innovation only and innovation will come to you. It is not easy and not trivial to be thinking but this will bring you an idea and you will get excellent sensations.

Step 4

Certify your innovative ideas

You will receive the certificate confirming your ownership of the ideas. In addition, the system will generate a report on your name dates of your creative idea and description of all creative steps that conveyed the innovator to the idea. The report being an idea “fingerprint” is used for the rights protection.

Step 5

Change the world

Now you have everything to change the world. The world is waiting for your new ideas. Publish your idea to attract contributors and investors and start changing the world.

Creative Thinking Tools

inventive principles decision making tasks priority root cause analysis

40 Inventive Principles

The best tool for problems solving and ideas generation. Our software will guide you from problem statement to brilliant solution creation and documentation

How to use the tool
Round-Robin Ranking

Tool for making a decision, ranking tasks or options. Our ranking software is friendly and effective.

How to use the tool
Urgency - Importance Matrix

A novel approach for tasks prioritization and making a decision. The software is combined with Round-Robin Ranking and allows full priority management.

How to use the tool
Cause and effect chain analysis

Root Cause Analysis tool. You will be able to search for the fundamental root cause (FRC) and auxiliary root causes (ARC). Keep in mind, the removing of FRC will prevent repeating the problem in the future, while ARC will solve your current problem.

How to use the tool