Perception Mapping

Perception Mapping (PMap) is a creative thinking tool that helps to find blockers. Let’s assume that we need to achieve a certain goal. In order to achieve this goal, we have to perform a number of actions (or perceptions). However, one or more of these actions might prevent us from achieving the goal. These actions are called blockers.

perception mapping diagram and result table

What will you get from Perception Mapping?

Like all the other tools in the PRIZ Innovation Platform, perception mapping is here to solve a particular type of problems. The biggest benefit of this tool is to fully understand the scope of work to achieve a goal. Answer the question of what is more critical and what is the priority of the perceptions. And understand why we are not getting the expected results when we do something. Every innovator fined a different benefit. Here, however, we are summarizing just a few that we feel are the most important:

  • Define the scope of work (actions/perceptions) to achieve a goal
  • Get clear priorities of the actions that need to take place
  • Understand which of the planned actions is having the biggest impact on the final goal and which ones can be potentially ignored

When should you use Perception Mapping?

You can probably imagine many cases when PMap can be useful. Also, the most you work with it, you will realize many more. We want to list just a few types of projects when we would seek help from this creative thinking tool.

  • Reduce time for equipment maintenance
  • Reduce the cost of production
  • Improve safety
  • Analyze and reduce employees turnover
  • Improve service level
  • Any time you need to perform many potential actions to achieve a goal

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