Effective Brainstorming (EBS)

The Effective Brainstorming (EBS) tool is very similar to the traditional one that we described in our blog Effective BrainStorming (EBS), with a slight change in how we prioritize collected options (tasks or ideas).

We can achieve better and unbiased prioritization results by using relevant creative thinking tools and specifically Round Robin Ranking (RRR). As we described in a number of previous posts, the main concept of RRR is to compare the options in pairs. This way, we can reduce psychological inertia and enable unbiased decision-making.

The suggested process will evidently save time and money.

The brainstorming is performed as follows:

  • Create a project or open existing project that requires Effective Brainstorming tool
  • Navigate to “Creative Tools”, click “+NEW” and choose Effective Brainstorming (EBS) from the list of creative thinking tools:
  • Document ideas one-by-one using “Add Idea” field and “Create Idea” button:
  • During ideas generation, you can create a task or record an idea in the “Ideas Manager”
  • Click the “COMPLETE” button to start the ranking (you can rank 3 or more ideas) by clicking “RANK IDEAS” button:
  • The ranking will be made by the Round Robin Ranking method that is based on the approach that we are able to make a choice of one out of two items only. Click “USE” to start the ranking:
  • You will be requested to choose one winning idea out of two. To choose a winning idea take into account everything you can: reasonability, previous experience, ease to validate, etc.
  • Final table will appear when the ranking is completed:
  • By clicking “BACK TO BRAINSTORMING” you will be navigated to the Brainstorming page. The score will appear for each idea – a high score corresponds to high priority:
  • Now you have a list of prioritized ideas. You can create tasks and start working on the ideas.

Brainstorming and be effective as it is easy when you use the right tools.

To use EBS tool click any orange button to LOGIN.