Effective Brainstorming (EBS)

Brainstorming is one of the most popular creative instruments for problem-solving. The simplest method is unstructured brainstorming. The process is easy. Different ideas (tasks) are collected for validation. The more the number of ideas, the more the probability to get the correct or at least the most effective solution. The most important question is how to rank the ideas and how to manage priority to ensure the fastest result.

The Effective Brainstorming (EBS) at PRIZ Innovation Platform contains additional steps for reasonable grouping and priority management.

The beginning of the process is a traditional – ideas collection. Each idea is described on a sticker and kept on the board.

The next step is a grouping of the ideas. Implement – “easy” or “not easy” and Validate – “easy” or “not easy” should be assigned for each idea. By clicking “Enable Sorting” each sticker with idea will be redistributed into one of the four groups:

“Implementation – easy & Validation – easy”

“Implementation – easy & Validation – not easy”

“Implementation – not easy & Validation – easy”

“Implementation – not easy & Validation – not easy”

In the case of more than 2 stickers in one group, the ranking within the group can be completed with  Round Robin Ranking (RRR).

The ideas were collected, grouped, and ranked. The priority management becomes clear.

The Effective Brainstorming approach developed and supported by the PRIZ Innovation Platform forces thinking and analysis of each idea, again and again, that ensures the effectiveness of the process.

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