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PRIZ Guru offers a comprehensive and unique AI-assisted solution for systematic and systemic problem-solving, specifically designed for engineering organizations.

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Engineering systems evolve through problem-solving and innovation. Failures present opportunities for innovation, which the PRIZ Innovation Platform supports. Our ecosystem promotes engineering thinking and avoids guesswork in problem-solving.

Focusing on Problem Solving and Innovation

Engineering systems adhere to inherent laws of evolution, shaping products and solutions based on objective principles. This means that the creation of something like a smartphone isn’t driven by the whims of a designer; rather, certain laws guide the development of such systems. Three fundamental concepts underlie this evolution:

  1. Systems evolve to meet customer needs.
  2. As systems evolve, improved components often clash with less developed ones.
  3. Resolving these conflicts or contradictions between various components drives system evolution.

Opportunity to innovate

Engineering systems communicate through their failures, indicating areas where innovation is necessary. The question is: do we seize the opportunity to innovate?

Failures in engineering systems can arise from various factors, including defects, process or product parameter changes, or production yield loss. Engineers routinely encounter different types of failures, and there are two main approaches to addressing them, depending on how we interpret the system’s message.

The first approach – Invest in “Back to Basics”

A failure signifies system inadequacy, prompting engineers to restore its performance to its basic level. They may also analyze the failure to propose additional maintenance measures for future prevention. While this approach ensures system sustainability, it comes at an increased cost and misses opportunities for innovation.

The second approach – Invest in “Moving Forward”

This approach views failures as opportunities for added benefits and innovation. When analyzing a failure, it is crucial to treat it as a symptom of an underlying problem that must be solved, not just contained. While innovative problem-solving may require an initial investment, it will result in additional benefits.

To summarize, every system failure presents an opportunity for innovation and added benefits once the problem is resolved. The PRIZ Innovation Platform offers a comprehensive toolkit to seamlessly transition from failure to innovative solutions, resulting in added advantages. Innovation, in this context, is the solution to an existing problem, ultimately leading to financial gain.

Promoting Engineering Thinking

When addressing problems, managers often form a ‘task force’ consisting of skilled engineers to analyze and resolve the issue. These engineers gather in a conference room with their computers and coffee, ready to tackle the problem. Typically, the task force owner (usually the manager) provides the details of the issue and seeks potential solutions. Unfortunately, engineers often jump straight into proposing ideas without conducting the necessary analysis. This approach is commonly referred to as ‘brainstorming,’ but it is essentially guesswork rather than true brainstorming.

Why do engineers rely on guessing? Because it’s easy and resembles a gamble. It doesn’t require rigorous thinking, but there’s a chance of success, by providing a quick and simple solution. However, guessing is a passive process that often relies on incomplete or inaccurate information, which can lead to incorrect conclusions or decisions. Even engineering guesswork is unlikely to yield a reasonable solution to a problem.

We offer a comprehensive ecosystem for professional problem-solving, rooted in engineering thinking and free from guesswork.

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