Get Started


1. Do I have to register in order to learn how PRIZ.GURU can help me?

No, you have not. Do not register, unless you absolutely have to.

All the information is available without a registration. You can navigate through the site and read the Introduction and description of inventive thinking tools. Our blogs will bring you interesting examples.

2. Why do I have to register? 

Registration or login will move you to your folder (account) and allow you to work on your invention using our inventive thinking tools.

3. How does PRIZ.GURU help me to comprehend my invention

PRIZ.GURU system will take you through inventive thinking flow and make you document and move from to step to step to your invention.

4. How does PRIZ.GURU ensure protection of my ownership of my invention

All your inventive thinking steps will be stored privately in your folder (account). In the end of the invention process you will be able to create, The Certificate of the Invention with attached your documents describing your invention process. The description of the invention creating process is original and unrepeatable for each person therefore it will be the best way to protect you ownership.

5. Should I keep my folder (account) in PRIZ.GURU system forever or I can deactivate it if I deem necessary?

You can definitely deactivate your folder (account) if you decide to.

6. How TRIZ.GURU can help me to proceed with my invention?

If you decide to proceed with your invention the system, propose you to publish your invention to be visible for contributors and investors and will help you to make your invention implemented.

7. What should I do if I need any help?
You should call “Customer Service” and our inventive thinking professionals will direct you.