40 Inventive Principles is a classical TRIZ tool, problem-solving tool. It is a very strong technique for new Ideas generation.

Fundamentals of the technique developed by Genrich Altshuller based on analysis, classification, and systematization of tens of thousands of patents.

Each patent is an example of solved problem that is properly documented therefore we are able to use the patents for problem solving and ideas creation. Altshuller revealed extremely important things:

  • All patents in world were made based on one of 40 principles. That means that any idea can be fitted in to one of the 40 principles (Not 40 million and even not 40 thousands);
  • Any specific parameter that was analyzed while patent generation can be assigned to one of 39 general parameters (not 39 million and even not 39 thousands, even not 100, only 39 parameters);
  • Any problem can be described in the form of contradiction of improving and worsening parameters. A problem solved if the contradiction is terminated.
  • Having improving and worsening parameters coming from a contradiction totally 3 – 4 relevant principles could be found as directions for the problem solution generation with the help of Alshtuller’s matrix.

What does it mean? This means that we also can use 39 parameters and 40 principles to solve our problems and create new ideas.

How it works – Our system will take you through the process to bring you to new idea generation:

  1. Project entitlement. Project title is important as a psychological part of the problem solving and new idea creation work. Please be so kind, have a think and formulate the title of your problem. It is very important.
  2. Problem statement. Describe the problem that you are going to solve. This is the second step in any problem solving or new idea generation process. Please write it down because a writing is an excellent way to test you clear understanding of what you are working on.
  3. Engineering Contradiction. A contradiction is a form of the problem description. Please write the engineering contradiction in the form “IF (something will be done), THEN (something will get better – some parameter will be improved), BUT (something will go worse – some parameter of the system will be worsening). This step is extremely important.
  4. Choose Improving and Worsening parameters. The parameters are in your contradiction. Improving parameter can be recognized from the description after “THEN”, while the worsening parameter can be defined based on description mentioned after “BUT”. You would need to choose a relevant improving and worsening general parameter out of the 39 generic parameters. Please read an explanation and make a choice.
  5. Get relevant principles. Based on Altshuller’s matrix PRIZ GURU system will pick up relevant principles for you. Please read the principles and the explanations. You can use both general description and specific explanations we collected for different activity areas as microelectronics, finance, cervices, business and so on.
  6. Solutions/New ideas generation. This is very important and relatively easy step. Please read the principles and explanations and think on how this could solve your problem. Please be completely disconnected from all other things, think inventive, think inventive principle. Do not skip the rest of the principles, go one by one, think and create ideas.
  7. Ideas management. This is critical step that allows you to have a look at all ideas that were generated, make relevant comments or corrections and start the ranking of the ideas using Round-Robin Matrix method.
  8. Report out will confirm the excellence and your ownership of then idea.