How to manage several projects simultaneously

In the majority of cases, we don’t have the luxury to work on a single project. Our lives often force us to deal with several projects simultaneously. In this post, we will discuss the best way how to manage several projects simultaneously. The Problem Managing two or more projects simultaneously is a problem that can be solved using problem-solving (creative thinking) tools. Let’s zoom out and take a look at the whole picture, including the System, Subsystem, and Supersystem. Subsystem contains a part of the System, while Supersystem contains the System (as one of its parts).For example: If three is…

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How to prioritize tasks with Urgency–Importance Matrix in PRIZ Online Platform

My wife and I like to travel and we travel a lot. Recently we spent three weeks in China, but when the vacation was over, we had to return to work. I came to my workplace, entered my cubicle, and, as on any other day, opened the laptop and connected to the company’s systems. Pretty quickly I realized that those three weeks are too short for vacation but very long to be disconnected from work. Many things happened, and I needed to make up the leeway to get up to speed with everything that had happened and related to my…

How to Manage Tasks Priority with Urgency – Importance Matrix (UIM)?

We are excited to announce a recent release of an additional Creative Thinking Tool in PRIZ online innovation platform, Urgency – Importance Matrix (UIM). This tool is built to help you to avoid mistakes, save time in managing tasks priority and make decisions. The new tool is a practical instrument for task priority management. Urgency – Important Matrix is most effective in conjunction with Roun – Robin Ranking (RRR). About Urgency – Importance Matrix (UIM) Tasks priority management by Urgency – Important Matrix is widely described in the literature. You can find a lot of relevant information on the Internet….