9 Windows Thinking (under construction)

How to predict future? How to predict next product or next process using 9 Windows? How to use 9 Windows?

9 Windows is an excellent tool for new ideas generation. It makes us to think inventively taking in to consideration space and time. 9 Windows helps to predict future based on analysis of past to present development occurred within certain system. However, future is exactly what we need; any new idea should be about a future otherwise this is not a new idea; this is not what we need.

How it works

9 Windows is a 3 by 3 matrix showing a system evolution in space (vertical direction) and in time (horizontal direction)

Space / TimePastPresentFuture
(Component of System)
Past SubsystemPresent SubsystemFuture Subsystem
(Component of Super System)
Past SystemPresent SystemFuture System
Super SystemPast Super SystemPresent Super SystemFuture Super System
Step 1

Define and write your project title.

Step 2

Define and write the problem statement – describe what you are going to promote, improve, predict.

Step 3

Place the subject of your analysis in the central field (1) as a Present System.

Step 4

Think and write the list of components of your System in the field bottom central field (2) as Present Subsystem.

Step 5

Think and describe the Super System where your System is included as a component. Write the Super System description in the top central field (3) as a Present Super System.

Step 6

Describe how your System looked in the past and write the description in the left central field (4) as a Past System.

Step 7

Think about components of the System that was in the past. List and write the components in the top left field (5) as Past Super System.

Step 8

Now you can touch the future. Using Subsystem Past (field 5) and Present (field 5) logic try to predict the components of future System. Write it down to bottom right field (7) as Future Subsystem.

Step 9

Go to Super System and using Past (field 6) and Present (field 3) logic try to define a Future Super System. Write the description down to top left field (8) as a Future Super System.

Step 10

Go to future System. Use both logic of Past (field 4) – Present (field 1) System and logic of Future Super System (field 8) – Future Subsystem (field 7) think and succeed to describe Future System. Write the description down to the right central field (9) as a Future System.

Step 11

Now your 9 Windows are ready and you are also ready for creating new idea. Watch and enjoy your 9 Windows and create excellent new idea. Document it in the special field to be added into your file.

Example – Digital image. What is the direction for future?

Space / TimePastPresentFuture
SubsystemPhoto albumDigital Image album, Power Point presentations etc…Digital album on virtual storage
SystemPhoto ImageDigital ImageVirtual image on virtual storage (bio system)
Super SystemPhysical Particles on physical photo paper

Physical particles on physical storage
Pixel (virtual point) on physical data storage

Virtual particles on physical storage
Pixel on virtual storage

Virtual particles on virtual storage

What does it mean: Virtual image on virtual storage? It is very simple. It means to remember an image and even be able to share this image.