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Masterclass 2

Solving Silicon Oxide Creation Problems with Dr. Anatoly Agulyansky

In this masterclass, Dr. Anatoly Agulyansky guides us through analyzing a process, in this case, the creation of Silicon Oxide in microelectronics manufacturing.

Analyzing a manufacturing process can be complex, particularly when the process is lengthy and involves various steps. It becomes even more complicated when we, as engineers, attempt to enhance these processes, improve their yield, reduce costs, or simply resolve process issues. Relying on a traditional trial-and-error approach with brainstorming and intuition is not very effective. It’s slow and wasteful, which ultimately raises the cost of our products and services, a cost that our clients bear.

Process Functional Modeling (PFM) is an analytical tool to learn the process through modeling different operations, solving problems, and defining ways to improve any fabrication process. PFM is an extension of the System Functional Modeling (SFM) and it allows us to analyze the whole process vs one particular operation in the process.

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