Consulting Services

Professional Services

  • Problem solving (root cause analysis, failure models)
  • Innovation projects management
  • Process and product improvement
  • Process and product cost reduction
  • Process development

Coaching & Facilitation

  • Give specific training and on-the-job advice for project-related activities to one person or a small group.
  • Participate in a working group activity to promote the particular project success


  • Conduct lectures available in PRIZ Guru Library. A typical lecture duration is about 1.5 hour. Bellow a list of the available lectures
  • Prepare and conduct a course upon request in the field of our expertise

Areas of expertise

  • Innovation and problem solving
  • Chemical and metallurgical processes including electronic materials and microchip manufacturing
  • Tantalum capacitors production
  • Tantalum scrap recycling
  • Rare refractory metals chemistry and technology
  • Tantalum and Niobium chemistry, technology, metallurgy & applications

List of the available lectures

Intro to problem-solving and PRIZ Guru innovation platform overview

  • About technical systems evolution
  • Where do problems come from?
  • Innovation is solving a problem
  • About problem solving tools
  • PRIZ Innovation platform overview

Ranking, tasks priority management, and decision making

  • About decision making
  • What is a task?
  • Urgency – Importance Matrix principles
  • Round Robing Ranking method
  • Choosing and decision management
  • Priority management with PRIZ Innovation platform

How to state the right problem to solve

  • Where problems come from
  • Psychological inertia
  • Failure versus problem
  • Problem statement with PRIZ Innovation platform

9 Windows thinking in space and in time

  • Main principles and empower of 9 windows
  • How it operates
  • Examples
  • 9 windows thinking with PRIZ Innovation Platform

Root cause analysis with PRIZ Innovation Platform

  • What root cause is
  • Two approaches: Fundamental Reason of the Problem and Auxiliary Reason of the problem – fundamental versus practical approach
  • Cause and effect chain analysis
  • Examples of root cause search and finding solutions
  • Root cause analysis with PRIZ Innovation Platform

Problem solving with 40 principles at PRIZ Innovation Platform

  • Fundamentals of the 40 inventive principles method
  • Engineering contradictions
  • What does it mean to solve a problem
  • How to use 40 principles
  • Examples
  • 40 inventive principles in PRIZ Innovation Platform

Define a customer needs with PRIZ Innovation Platform

  • What does a customer need?
  • Take a customer functions to satisfy the customer
  • Action Preventing Action (APA) principles
  • How to search for customer needs with PRIZ Innovation Platform

Risk assessment and risk management (RARM)

  • Examples
  • Risk assessment using Cassandra approach
  • Failure model creation
  • Risk management – mitigation and failure prevention
  • How to use PRIZ Innovation Platform for RARM

Resource Analysis for engineering systems failures or improvements modeling

  • Fundamentals of the Resources Analysis (RA) method
  • How to think and create models of failure or improvements
  • How to use PRIZ Innovation Platform for RA

Innovation project management and tracking with PRIZ Innovation Platform

  • Regular project versus an innovation project
  • Why creative thinking tools are needed
  • How to use PRIZ platform for Innovation Project management

Intro to functional language and functional analysis

  • What is a function? How to designate a function.
  • What is a product of an engineering system?
  • Functional language examples
  • Functional models
  • How to use PRIZ Innovation Platform for functional analysis

Hi-tech development and problem solving challenges

  • Moore’s law impact on all industries
  • Developing new products and new processes requests to predict the future and work fast
  • Usage of creative thinking tools helps to follow Moore’s law trend

Perception mapping (PMap)- blockers identification

  • The background and the purpose of the Perception Mapping technique
  • How is it working?
  • Examples of PMap usage and results
  • Online case study

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