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June 15, 2019

We often hear about our brain’s very different left and right halves or hemispheres and benefit from that knowledge. In contrast, we are less conscious of our conscious and subconscious thinking and the powerful interaction between them. Let’s rectify that imbalance.

We are very aware of the capabilities of our conscious mind. It explicitly drives our work and lives. With our conscious mind, we are thinking and we know it. In contrast, cognitive processing in the subconscious mind occurs without our awareness.

The biggest thinking player is our subconscious mind. Conscious cognitive processing is the tip of the iceberg; subconscious cognitive processing is much larger and invisible.

The conscious mind is a part-time worker while the subconscious mind works full-time; it never sleeps.

Therefore, we should use our conscious mind to direct and fully utilize the 24/7 efforts of our subconscious mind.

For example, when preparing a problem statement, regardless of the tools we use, use them with many breaks. Whether working individually or as a team, apply a tool but resist the temptation to “get the job done.”

Instead, set the effort aside for an hour or a day. Then pick it up again. While you focused on other issues, your massive parallel-processing subconscious mind was at work and will reveal its fruitful efforts. Repeat the process and discover more.

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