Where do problems come from? What generates a problem

We are all problem solvers. We solve problems every day and everywhere. Whether we innovate or invent is inconsequential if we actually solve the problem. A patent is a documented act of solving a certain problem. Any article, paper or even advertisement on any type of achievement is actually a type of documentation announcing that the problem was solved.  Where do problems come from? Did you try to understand their origin when you were met with them? Let’s start from the beginning, from ideality. The ideality equation formulated by Genrich Altshuller in the form of the law states: “The development…

Solve complex technical problems and innovate

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Hi-Tech and Problem Solving Challenges

Moore’s law drives all hi-tech and innovations. “Computers in the future may weigh no more than 1.5 tons.” This was published in 1949 in Popular Mechanics, forecasting the relentless march of science. Computer manufacturing began in 1943. (Fig.1) This optimistic statement appeared because semiconductor transistor had already been invented and began aggressively replacing huge vacuum electronic tubes in all devices including computers. Computers became smaller because a transistor is much smaller than a vacuum tube. Nevertheless, nobody could imagine that in about 10 years, Integrated Circuit (IC) would be invented and high volume microchip manufacturing would begin its fast development….

Be Innovative to Survive

We all are problem solvers because we have to be; it’s a survival necessity. Our lives consist of a series of problems that we have to solve in order to move forward, to thrive. Even setting a problem with no distinguishable solution aside is a form of coping with a given problem. Therefore, we all solve problems using different methods. Generally speaking, we can solve certain problems with monetary and inventive solutions. Monetary Problem Solving (MPS) is a common and effective method because it is easy to perform; it merely requires payment. If you have a problem, you may simply…