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New Process Functional Model Tool

January 20, 2023

Organizational processes are a vital part of any business, and improving them can lead to cost savings, increased efficiency, and better overall performance. Whether it’s identifying and resolving issues within a larger process or finding ways to reduce costs, the task of process improvement falls on many professionals within an organization. For those who work in teams, the process of analyzing, identifying problems, and finding solutions to improve the process is a daily task. And we created a tool to help with these tasks.

Today, we want to introduce the newly released tool in the PRIZ Innovation Platform that is built to help engineers look at the whole process holistically, this tool is called Process Functional Modeling (PFM in short). PFM is built to make better strategic and tactical decisions in identifying opportunities for improvement and implementing solutions in complex processes in an organization.

To learn more about the tool, we already prepared a number of useful articles:

PFM Help & Documentation

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