How to improve yield and reduce costs of manufacturing with PRIZ Innovation Platform

There are two most critical parameters of manufacturing – production yield and product cost. Managers task their teams to reduce the cost and improve the yield, but both parameters are strongly linked. They together look like a swing for kids. The linkage between yield and cost is very well known; nevertheless, people are trying to improve those parameters in isolation. This article discusses two significant strategy vectors: production yield improvement and product cost reduction. Traditional approach The management defines two targets: Increase production yield Reduce product cost Managers of lower-level begin to set up projects trying to achieve each target….

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Kaizen your organization with PRIZ Innovator

The term Kaizen originated from Japan. The meaning of the word Kaizen is “change for the better.” Over time, Kaizen became one of the leading business philosophies and converted into a competitive strategy – continuous improvement. Both words are critical Continuous means that there is no gap between projects – the end of one project initiates the another Improvement means that the change for the better refers to everything, everyone, everywhere. For a better chance to succeed with your business, you should implement Kaizen as a way of life. PRIZ Innovator & Kaizen PRIZ Innovator helps organizations to implement and…

Innovation is the solution to the right problem

As we already discussed in one of our previous blogs (What is the problem?), the main issue in the problem-solving process is to identify the right problem and to separate between a failure and the actual problem. We should always be concentrating on problem-solving and not wasting the time on fixing the failure. As a quick reminder, a single failure can, and usually does cause several different problems.Some recommendations on how to define a problem statement described in the blog How to define a problem statement? The concept The concept is that failure can cause a wide variety of problems….

Fight COVID-19 with Creative Thinking

The systems we live with are not ideal; and, our lives are certainly not ideal. We all got problems that we have to solve every day. Even a decision to not solve the problem and leave it as-is is a type of problem-solving. We already published in one of our blogs, Where do problems come from? What generates a problem, and described where problems originate from. Types of problems There are generally two types of problems. Predictable problems For instance: low production yield, high level of defects.Predictable problems are typically solved slowly, scientifically by creating and completing projects bringing only…

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