Strategies for Effective Cost Reduction in Production Processes

This article explores the various components of production costs and the factors that lead to their escalation, such as inflation, technological advancements, and market shifts. It emphasizes the need for a problem-solving culture as a strategy for effective cost reduction and highlights hidden opportunities for cost reduction through process optimization. The article further provides a simple strategy for reducing production costs by categorizing operations and improving or eliminating them accordingly. Production costs Production cost refers to the total expenses incurred in making a product or providing a service, including materials, labor, and related costs. For a more detailed explanation of…

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Process Functional Modeling in Microchip Manufacturing: A Case Study on Innovative Problem Solving

This case study explores the usage of Process Functional Modeling (PFM) as a problem-solving tool in microchip manufacturing. PFM is an innovative way of thinking that involves breaking down a process into its components on multiple levels and generating innovative solutions. The tool enables us to move from general to specific, from process to operations, operations to components, and components to functions. In this article, we provide a real-life example of how a team applied PFM to the microchip manufacturing process. We want to demonstrate its effectiveness in creating a model of failure in the context of the whole process….

Solved with PRIZ Innovation Platform (Examples)

What PRIZ Platform could give: Fast closing of excursions (unexpected process deviations that request immediate solution) Fast completion of projects as yield improvement and cost reduction (well-known cronical problems that request solutions) Why is it good? Easy to use – an engineer can operate as a professional problem solver without long term training Easy to manage and track – the system integrates project management with tasks and problem solving tools for: Root Cause Analysis, Modeling, Brainstorming, Decision making, Ideas recording, etc. (Totally 10 tools are available) Easy to report out – the system adequately documents all the data, comments, solutions,…

How to create a production process and solve problems using PRIZ Innovation Platform

40 Principles is one of the strongest problem-solving instruments that could and should be widely used for industry. This article describes the case study of how to create an optimal production process using problem-solving techniques. Let’s solve a chemical problem. You do not have to be a chemist, not at all. You have to be a problem solver. For an endless number of chemists, there is a minimal number of problem solvers. How do we identify a problem solver? It is very easy. A problem solver always uses problem-solving tools. So, let’s begin. The Request Create a structure as per…

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