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March 20, 2021

The term Kaizen originated from Japan. The meaning of the word Kaizen is “change for the better.” Over time, Kaizen became one of the leading business philosophies and converted into a competitive strategy – continuous improvement.

Both words are critical

  • Continuous means that there is no gap between projects – the end of one project initiates the another
  • Improvement means that the change for the better refers to everything, everyone, everywhere.

For a better chance to succeed with your business, you should implement Kaizen as a way of life.

PRIZ Innovator & Kaizen

PRIZ Innovator helps organizations to implement and adopt Kaizen. All Creative thinking tools that the Innovator offers are driving our thinking in a direction of better organizational performance. As we all know, time is the most expensive commodity.

PRIZ Innovator is built to save time spent on innovations and improvements in an organization.

Creative thinking tools and how they help

As mentioned above, PRIZ Innovator comes with a set of creative thinking tool. These tools help us in several different ways, and many time compliment each other. All of them without exception, contribute to a faster innovation processes.

Faster decision-making

A large number of available options to choose from is a very typical situation. The question is, how to make the right choice or at least rank these options? This process can be challenging and, at times, very frustrating. In extreme situations, people simply give up and pretty much make random choices.
Round Robin Ranking (RRR) helps in saving time and making the right choice. The main concept of the tool is that we can reasonably choose one out of two options. However, we are unable to compare more than two options. Round Robin Ranking will guide you through pairs of options, calculate and sort the options according to the scores.
More detail on this tool is described in our blog Roun Robin Ranking (RRR) is a practical tool

Tasks prioritization

Urgency – Importance Matrix by Eisenhauer is a well-known instrument for task priority management. The main question left is how to decide what is urgent and that important? For fast and effective prioritization, use
Urgency – Importance Matrix (UIM) tool gives a clear answer to this question and offers a fast and simple process for prioritization.
PRIZ Innovator UIM tool is based on clear concepts:

  • All tasks are a result of a flaw
  • Urgency is a function of expectation – an expected flaw cannot be urgent, while an unexpected flaw always creates urgency (in other words, urgent tasks)
  • Importance is a function of cost – the high-cost flaw is important, while the low-cost flaw is not important.

More details on the UIM tool described in our blog How to prioritize tasks with Urgency – Importance Matrix in PRIZ Guru Platform

Root Cause Analysis

Some features that requested improvement need to be analyzed. In order to achieve fast and effective improvement, use Cause and Effect Chain Analysis is an excellent tool for root cause definition and fast solutions creation. The details of the tool described in our blog A Root Cause Analysis Using PRIZ Innovation Platform


Brainstorming is a very popular instrument for generating ideas, troubleshooting, and improvements. In the standard approach, during brainstorming sessions, a group generates ideas. Normally, it takes a long time to validate all of them. To save time and be more effective, we should use the Effective Brainstorming (EBS) tool.
The details described in our blog Effective BrainStorming (EBS)

Improve customer satisfaction

Your business needs to improve customer satisfaction, who doesn’t? For this non-trivial task, use Action Preventing Action (APA) novel creative thinking tool described in What does a customer needs? , Take a customer’s function away to satisfy the customer and  Happy new customer! Ensure customer satisfaction.

Better ideas

Any change, and specifically, improvement, is a solution to some problem. Generate better solutions faster with the Inventive Principles tool. The details described in our blog Problem Solving Using 40 Inventive Principles. An example fined here: Trapshooting is bad for environment – here is our problem solution…

PRIZ Innovator provides continuous improvement flow: problem analysis – ideas generation – innovations implementation – new projects generation.

LOGIN to PRIZ Innovation Platform and start your project. Kaizen your business for success.  

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