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Remote teamwork with PRIZ Innovation Platform

July 23, 2020

Nowadays, remote work is becoming more relevant than ever before. In innovation and problem-solving projects, it sometimes feels like an impossible task, as these projects require the ongoing collaboration of the entire team. We are excited to announce that we have recently released a feature in the PRIZ Innovation Platform which allows remote teams to work on innovations and solve problems more effectively.

Why teamwork?

You can find many articles on the internet discussing and analyzing the benefits of teamwork. We can recommend some of them: Group vs. Individual Projects: Which Is Best? , 6 Benefits of Teamwork in the Workplace, 10 Reasons Why Teamwork Matters in Project Management.

In our experience with different innovation and problem-solving projects, we identified the main advantage of teamwork over individual work: it is intrinsic continuous feedback. Individuals, working on their own, will usually receive feedback at the very end of their project. Working in a team, however, forcing a more effective, dynamic, and corrective feedback throughout the entire project.

Intrinsic feedback in teamwork

On-the-job Recognition
Teammates are getting recognized continuously during the whole project instead of waiting until the end.

On-the-job training
Teammates continuously share their expertise. The knowledge becomes immediately available for the whole team. Training on the job is your best option to improve your skills.

On-the-job competition
Acquire and develop leadership skills. Demonstrate accountability and calculated risk-taking.

Team self-management
Project status is clearly tracked and full transparency is maintained throughout the project.

Why remote?

Think about it, usually, people want to work in a team but perform as an individual. This is a typical physical contradiction – a requirement for two opposites on the same subject. We can solve physical contradictions and eliminate them with the “Segmentation” (Separation) principle.

In our case, remote working is exactly the solution to the contradiction: people are working within workgroups and maintain their individual contribution.

The remote work advantages:

  • No discontinuing work
    • Continuation of the work at any complicated situation as a pandemic or military action
  • Low cost
    • No payment for office keeping
    • Capability to employ people from all over the world without limitations
  • Work/Home time balance
    • The employee can organize his work schedule to be compatible with his family needs

Why innovation?

The COVID-19 pandemic showed how vulnerable the economy of the world is. Just a few months of interruptions destroyed the industry and trade. And the result is a huge financial crisis.

The only way to recover the economy and prevent catastrophic circumstances in the future is innovation.

In one of our previous blogs, we already discussed that innovation is always related to problem-solving: Innovation is a solution to somebody’s problem.
And we want to stick to the claim:

Innovation is the only way to survive.

What does the PRIZ Innovation Platform provides?

  • Support for team workspace. Create a team – invite members to your workgroup
  • Team access to the entire project material
  • Remote management and tracking of the project progress
  • Access to all Creative thinking tools
  • Certification of innovative ideas
  • and more

All creative thinking tools are available for teamwork:

How to enable team workspace in the PRIZ Innovation platform?

In the PRIZ Innovation Platform, the projects are organized in workspaces. There are a number of different workspace types. Every user of the platform has a personal workspace by default. Personal workspace allows an individual to work on projects on his own. You can create additional workspaces that will allow teamwork.

Teamwork is a paid feature. You are welcome to explore out plans and prices for more details.

Once the workspace is ready, you can invite your team to the workspace on the Team page (Workspace Settings –> Team).

Any person you add into the workspace will be able to read and make changes in all projects that are created in the workspace.

Please visit our site  get to the online platform create your workspace and start working on your projects with a remote team.

LOGIN to PRIZ Innovation Platform and start your project.

Good luck

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  • Romel Gablines
    September 15, 2020

    Brainstorming process would be the best tool and it consists of more potential and well capable individual that can provide the best input inorder to have a good result of the project..and I am hoping that you will count me in though I am not saying am the best but I think I could provide the best input to the best of my ability. Thank you and More power


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