What is the function of the Innovation Platform? What does it do?

The problem-solving tool is a paradoxical concept. Ask people: “Do you know that problem-solving tools speed up a problem-solving process?” A typical answer will be:  “Yes.” If you continue and ask: “Do you always use problem-solving tools?” The most common answer is: “No, I do not have time to use any tools when I solve a problem.” This is a really puzzling situation. Think about it, people don’t play chess without knowing how to play, don’t make a statistical analysis without learning math, don’t perform surgery without relevant education, etc. In the case of problem-solving, more often than not, even…

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How to improve yield and reduce costs of manufacturing with PRIZ Innovation Platform

There are two most critical parameters of manufacturing – production yield and product cost. Managers task their teams to reduce the cost and improve the yield, but both parameters are strongly linked. They together look like a swing for kids. The linkage between yield and cost is very well known; nevertheless, people are trying to improve those parameters in isolation. This article discusses two significant strategy vectors: production yield improvement and product cost reduction. Traditional approach The management defines two targets: Increase production yield Reduce product cost Managers of lower-level begin to set up projects trying to achieve each target….

Project’s tasks management with PRIZ Innovation Platform

This paper is dedicated to the tasks management process. It is well known, that any problem-solving project aims to eliminate or at least decline a disadvantage. There is a huge number of disadvantages, or how some people may call it visible symptoms. For instance: High cost of a product, Low productivity of production line, Insufficient reliability of a device, Floods causing destruction, Power glitches resulting in damage to the equipment and so on. One can continue the list of potential disadvantages of any situation. And every disadvantage is going to be something different and can lead to different problems. However,…

What is the problem?

As a matter of fact, we have already discussed the definition of a problem statement in our previous post “How to define a problem statement?” Since we received a lot of comments and questions regarding the difference between failure and problem, we decided to repeat the explanation and add a clear example. Here, we want to emphasize that failure can cause a number of problems. In addition, each problem may be different for different people. Again and again, do not confuse failure with a problem. A problem can be solved while failure cannot be fixed. A single failure can cause…