Perception Mapping (PMap)

Perception mapping (PMap) is a creative thinking tool to define blockers (barriers) preventing the achievement of a goal.

To reach the goal a list of actions (perceptions) is created. All perceptions are good and aim to achieve the goal, but some of them are blockers preventing the effectiveness of the rest of the perception.

PMap tool is created to define the blockers (barriers). The blockers should be removed first to ensure success.

PMap is suitable both for technical and non-technical projects.


  • Reduce time of equipment maintenance
  • Reduce the cost of the product
  • Improve safety level
  • Analyze tourn-over – prevent loosing of experienced people
  • Improve service
  • Etc.

To achieve a specific goal number of perceptions are collected. All perceptions and good aim to achieve the target, but some of them prevent the efficiency of the rest. These perceptions are barriers, blockers.

PMap is built to analyze the perceptions and define the barriers, blockers.

How does it work?

  1. Define a target (goal)
  2. Create a query on the goal achievement: “What should be done to ….”
  3. Collect answers – perceptions on how to achieve the goal
  4. Define relations between the perceptions using operator “LEADS TO”
  5. Define contradicting perceptions
  6. Map the perceptions – map all perceptions and connect them with arrows. An arrow is directed from a perception to the “LEADS TO” perception
  7. Rank the perception according to PMap rules
  8. Define blockers – perceptions having the highest score are blockers (barriers).
  9. Make managerial decisions

PMap creative tool of PRIZ Innovation Platform performs mapping, scoring, and blockers definition automatically (all steps in bold are performed automatically).

To make your project successful, to achieve the goal fast, use PMap, define and remove the blockers (barriers) first.

Login –> Open a project –> Click Creative Tools –> Choose Perception Mapping: