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Introducing Enhanced Perception Mapping: Collect Perceptions Anywhere, Anytime

June 4, 2023

One of the challenges our users face with the Perception Mapping tool is collecting perceptions from other people. Usually, it requires people to be physically present in the same room or on a conference call, and even then, coming up with good perceptions takes a lot of time. Eventually, it wastes the majority of the meeting dedicated to finding the blockers, leading to the need for scheduling another meeting to continue.

We have done our homework and concluded that this is a problem worth solving to make time more valuable. With the latest update to Perception Mapping, you can now start collecting perceptions from anywhere in the world, even while you are asleep.

perception mapping sharing options

All you need to do is create a shareable link to a public page dedicated solely to collecting perceptions. People with that unique link will be able to access the system information stored on the tool and add their own perceptions.

We have taken care to ensure that contributors see only what they need, without overexposing any information that might reveal the entire context of your project. Additionally, contributed perceptions will require approval before they become part of your analysis.

To summarize,

  1. In any Perception Mapping tool, click share
  2. Select the desired access level for the public contribution page
  3. Send the link provided to you to the target audience and see the list of perceptions growing
  4. Accept or reject submitted perceptions
  5. Analyze them as you would usually do

We hope it will make data collection much easier for you!

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