PRIZ Platform Takes Project Overviews to the Next Level with this New Feature

Have you ever found yourself skipping the creation of a detailed description of the failure and jumping right into solutioning? Don’t worry, we’ve been there too!

We are thrilled to announce the release of a new feature on the PRIZ platform that is designed to enhance the quality and completeness of project overviews. With this new feature, engineers and project leads can receive a thorough review of their written background and also get guidance and suggestions for improvement.

Project overview feedback - PRIZ Platform

One of the main problems this feature solves is that many engineers tend to jump straight into solutions without investing enough effort into understanding the problem space and relevant data. This can lead to working on the wrong problem and providing inadequate solutions.

To tackle this problem, the new feature estimates the quality and completeness of the project overview and gives valuable feedback to ensure that engineers and project managers are on the right path.

Using this feature is like having a mentor or a manager who provides feedback and helps users achieve better outcomes. We are confident that this new release will be very useful for our users and will improve the quality of project overviews on the PRIZ platform.

We encourage you to try out this new feature today and share your thoughts!

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