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Help the AI Assistant to help you – define the project context.

February 11, 2024

When a task force is working on a problem, it is important to understand the context and objectives of the project. This understanding helps the team approach the problem more effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, when utilizing AI assistance throughout the project, the context and objectives become even more crucial, as the quality of AI’s output depends on the data provided.

This is exactly why we have introduced the context for every project.

Understanding the Context

Understanding the context of a problem-solving project involves gaining insights into the industry, department, and goal of the project. It allows the task force to have a comprehensive understanding of the specific challenges and constraints they may encounter. By understanding the context, the team can tailor their approach and solutions to fit the unique requirements of the project.

Significance of Context and Objectives with AI Assistance

Using AI assistance throughout a problem-solving project can significantly enhance the team’s capabilities. However, AI is only as effective as the inputs it receives. Therefore, providing the context and objectives becomes crucial for AI assistance to be helpful.

Context in PRIZ Platform

Now you can set a context for any project in the PRIZ Innovation Platform. The context consists of three parts:

  • Industry
  • Department
  • Goal

You can set these parameters either when you create the project (in the project wizard) or in the overview of an existing project.

Project context in overview | PRIZ Guru

Choosing an Industry

We have already provided you with an extensive list of industries to choose from. However, even with this carefully selected list, finding the right one can still be quite challenging. The AI assistant is here to help you with this as well.

In general, the industry field and a searchable single select field. But you can also type whatever you think best describes your industry and let the assistant find the best matching one.

Example: To find matching industries, simply type “We are building tractor engines” and click “Get matching industries”. The AI Assistant will provide you with 5 industries that best match your description. In general, you can type anything you need to describe the industry or what you do and let the AI do the rest.

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