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Perception Mapping now with more powers to make decisions

May 18, 2023

The Perception Mapping tool has long been renowned for its ability to help engineers to find blockers. The process of finding blockers results in a list of perceptions and their blocking ranks. The higher the rank, the more impacting the blocker is. These are the ones that should be resolved first. Without it, you won’t be able to “move a needle”. But, what should we do when we end up with many perceptions with the same blocking rank?

Perceptions ranking with round robin ranking

Now, by combining Perception Mapping with our popular Round Robin Ranking, you can effortlessly determine which blocker deserves your immediate attention and start working on it.

The ranking is available for any of the two groups of perceptions with the highest blocker ranks (High & Medium). The ones that got the highest ranking score should be attended the first.

It is amazing how much time this process is actually saving us!

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