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Round-Robin Ranking (RRR) is a creative thinking tool helping to rank and make a choice between a number of different options. Some of the examples include task ranking, choosing the best solutions out of many, or simply picking where to go for your next vacation.

RRR tool is based on a simple concept – we cannot reasonably choose one option out of many possible options. Our brain can compare and make a choice between two options only. RRR helps us by presenting the comparisons in pairs. Once all the pairs are compared, the final result is calculated and presented in form of scores.

Creating Round-Robin Ranking (RRR)

As with any other creative thinking tool, to start using RRR it is available as one of the Creative Tools sections in the project. However, that is not the only option. As simple as the Round-Robin Ranking tool is, its power is used in conjunction with almost any other tool on the platform (more on that later).

Two modes of operation

RRR is one of the tools that is working in conjunction with others. Since it allows to rank many options, it is used by any other tool that produces these options. For example, the result of 5+ Whys is a list of possible solutions for root causes, in that case the innovator might choose to use RRR to rank these solutions. Same applies for the list of ideas, tasks, results of UIM, and so on.

On the other hand, Round Robin Ranking also allow the innovator to define the options by hand and then dive into ranking.

Let’s summarize. The list of options for ranking can be created in two ways:

  1. Manually, by writing them down one by one.
  2. Automatically, from many tools within the platform.

We will skip the details of automatic mode, since this one is covered in the documentation of other tools that use RRR. However, in short, every tool that can use RRR have an option to rank the results of that particular tool on a button click.

Manually options definition

In case that the RRR tool is used as a standalone, the user is first asked to create a number of options he is going to rank.

Adding options for ranking

Options can be added by typing the option description into the field and clicking “Add Perception“. All created perceptions will be shown in the list below. Any one of them can be edited or deleted as needed.

Start Ranking

Once you have at least 3 options to choose from, the button to start ranking will be enabled.

Start ranking

To kick off the ranking process you can simply click the Start Ranking button, and you will be taken to the ranking screen.

Ranking Process

As mentioned before, the ranking process can be kicked off manually or from many other places in the platform (tasks, ideas, 5+ Whys solutions, etc…). If the ranking is started from another tool, you will be immediately taken to the ranking screen.

The Ranking screen looks similar to the one below.

As shown above, there are several things are happening on the ranking screen. Let’s describe them starting from the most important.


The two big containers in the middle are the containers that show the options themselves. They are made large on purpose to maximize the amount of content that can be shown in them.

At the bottom of each container, there is a Select button. By clicking on one of these, you can select which one of these options is preferable (gets a higher rank). Only one option can be selected in each pair. The selected option is marked with a green button with the text “Selected“.

Options Controls

Right under the two options containers, there are two buttons.

“Save & Next” (on the right) – is initially disabled and becomes enabled once one of the options is selected. To save your choice of selection, you need to click on this button. This will not only save the preference but also move you to the next available pair.

“Skip this pair” (on the left) – this button allows you to temporarily skip the current pair. When clicked, you will be simply moved to another available pair of options. Skipping is available if there are more pairs available. It will be disabled if you are looking at the last pair.


Above the options containers, you can see the progress bar. This progress bar indicates how far into the process are you. Many times there might be many MANY pairs to compare. On top of the progress bar, the same information is shown in the actual numbers.

Deleting the tool

At the very bottom of the screen, there is a “Cancel & Delete” button. This button allows deleting this usage of RRR in case if you decide that it is not needed. Clicking on this button will bring up a deletion confirmation dialog. After confirmation, this instance of the toll will be permanently deleted, and you will be redirected back to the list of creative tools.

Ranking Results

Going through the ranking process may sometimes be tedious, but it is rewarding – once completed. When you finish comparing the last pair, you will be presented with the summary table. An example is shown below.

This is simply a list of options with the collective ranking scores. The option with the highest rank is the chosen one (whatever that means in your particular situation).

That’s it!

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