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The Art of Engineering Thinking with the PRIZ Platform

March 13, 2023

As an engineer or innovator, you may often find yourself faced with complex problems that require a solution. In these situations, it can be tempting to rely solely on your own knowledge and experience to find a solution. However, have you ever considered the benefits of using problem-solving tools? Why do we need these tools, and what can we gain from incorporating creative thinking instruments into our problem-solving process? In this article, we’ll explore the importance of problem-solving tools and the advantages they offer for engineers and innovators.

Let’s start with a definition, and try to answer what is engineering thinking.


Many excellent descriptions of ENGINEERING are available. For instance, the University of Bath defines engineering as a discipline dedicated to problem-solving. Britannica suggests that engineering is related to an application of science, while Engineering and technology in society – Canada describes engineering as the creative application of science.

So, let’s break it down: engineering is essentially about using your creativity to solve problems while applying scientific principles. It’s a discipline that requires you to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions to complex challenges. By combining your technical knowledge with creative thinking, you can design and build things that push the boundaries of what’s possible.


Cambridge dictionary provides an excellent and clear definition: “The activity of using your mind to consider something”

Now we can join both concepts and define the following:

Engineering Thinking is the intellectual activity of creatively solving problems using science

When it comes to engineering work, having scientific knowledge and intellect is important, but is that all we need to succeed? Is creative thinking or problem-solving tools necessary for a successful outcome? If so, what benefits can we derive from using these specific instruments?


Let’s try answering the question with some trivial examples.

Example I: How do we benefit from using a hammer? The hammer’s main advantage is its ability to increase the weight and hardness of our hands, allowing us to drive nails and break down walls with ease. By giving us this unique property, the hammer transforms us into superhuman beings capable of accomplishing feats that would have been impossible without it. Without the hammer, we would be left struggling to complete even the simplest of tasks, and our lives would be much more challenging.

Example II: How do we benefit from using a truck? One of the most significant advantages of trucks is the additional strength they provide us, for example, enabling us to move heavy objects to great distances with ease. A truck gives us additional strength and allows us to move heavy goods fast and far.

Example III: How do we benefit from using Excel? One of the primary reasons we need Excel is for the additional memory it provides us. With Excel, we can store and manage massive amounts of data that would be impossible to handle manually. Additionally, Excel’s powerful calculation capabilities enable us to perform complex computations quickly and accurately. These are tasks that we would struggle to perform efficiently without the help of Excel.

The benefit of creative thinking tools

So, why do we need creative thing tools? What can they give us?

Creative tools give us additional Intellectual Capacity resulting in the unique ability to generate ideas, solve problems and innovate.

An attempt to generate new ideas and solve a problem without utilizing creative thinking tools is similar to trying to hammer a nail by hand.

PRIZ Guru is the only tool offering problem-solving and innovation technology

What is PRIZ Guru?

  • The PRIZ Innovation Platform is an online machine-assisted software tool designed for professional root cause analysis, engineering problem-solving, and fostering innovation.
  • The PRIZ platform is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that combines creative thinking tools with automatic self-documentation, reporting, and project management capabilities.

Components of the PRIZ Ecosystem

  • PRIZ Platform where problems are solved, and innovation projects performed
  • PRIZ Hub where the work is publicized for a group of people, corporations, everybody
  • Self-training resources – blog (about 80 articles), knowledge-base and help documentation, webinars (online and recordings)
  • Consulting services – training, coaching, workshops facilitation, professional consulting

Use cases


  • Excursion (unexpected parameters deviation) investigation and closing
  • Excursion prevention
  • Lean – 6 Sigma, Kaizen
  • Yield improvement and Cost Reduction
  • Certify for ISO 56000 Innovation Management

R&D & Startups

  • Goal-oriented projects management 
  • New and non-standard ideas and solutions generation
  • Proper save documentation and rights protection


  • Innovation and creative thinking classes for universities, colleges, and high school
  • Training, workshops, facilitation, and coaching

Personal use

  • Creative thinking development
  • Enhancing professional profile
  • Career development


One stop shop

  • Project management integrated with creative thinking tools and ideas management
  • All data is kept in one place. No emails, PowerPoint presentations, etc.
  • Personal, teamwork, or organizational work available

Project management

  • Tasks management – assignments, prioritization, tracking, documenting
  • Meetings – setup, team creation, agenda, and meeting minutes
  • Ranking, priority management, decision-making, documentation

Project work

  • Background description and documentation
  • Failure analysis and problem statement
  • 11 creative thinking tools are available for ideas and solutions generation – root cause analysis, system functional modeling, effective brainstorming, inventive principles, etc.

Project documentation

  • Self-documentation process
  • Easy to track and correct
  • An automatic comprehensive report

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