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Beta release: AI Facilitator – Phase I

January 25, 2023

AI is not going to replace you, the one who is using AI will!

With the recent release of GPT-3 (soon GPT-4) by OpenAI many companies started leveraging its capabilities. So, why wouldn’t we? Actually, our long-term vision anyways is to create a machine-assisted innovation platform. OpenAI just enabled us to do it earlier.

We’re excited to share that our AI Facilitator is now available in beta and it’s the first step in our big plan. You may have heard people discussing whether machines can solve real problems, but the truth is, they can only provide solutions that have already been found (at least for now). While that’s great, it’s not what we’re aiming for with PRIZ. Our goal is to help people think more creatively and find new solutions to problems that have never been solved before. And that’s something that machines can’t do – it takes a human touch.

What a machine can do, is help and facilitate. Hence, the Facilitator.

AI Facilitator Demo

As part of Phase I, the AI Facilitator is available in 3 different places in the PRIZ Platform:

  • On the Problem Statement page, the facilitator is directing us to think about the disadvantages of failure.
  • For Root Cause Analysis, specifically in Cause & Effect Chain and 5+ Whys tools, the AI facilitator guides us with the creation of causes.
  • More integrations are coming in a near future…

We are hungry for any feedback so we can improve. Let’s chat or simply contact us with any thoughts.

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