How to find blockers? The power of Perception Mapping.

We are excited to announce that we have recently released an additional creative thinking tool: Perception Mapping (PMap). In this post, we want to describe what is it good for and why should anyone use it. What is Perception Mapping? Perception mapping (PMap) is a creative thinking tool that allows finding blockers (barriers) that prevent achieving a certain goal. When one creates a plan of how to achieve something, he will typically build a list of things needed for it, list of actions to be taken. It is no doubt that all these actions (perceptions) are good and aim to…

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Innovation is the solution to the right problem

As we already discussed in one of our previous blogs (What is the problem?), the main issue in the problem-solving process is to identify the right problem and to separate between a failure and the actual problem. We should always be concentrating on problem-solving and not wasting the time on fixing the failure. As a quick reminder, a single failure can, and usually does cause several different problems.Some recommendations on how to define a problem statement described in the blog How to define a problem statement? The concept The concept is that failure can cause a wide variety of problems….

9 Windows helps us think in space and time

9 Windows is an excellent instrument for thinking, mapping the thoughts, and think in space and time. 9 Windows tool has been recently deployed to PRIZ Guru Innovator platform. This is an excellent instrument for thinking. Please login to the Innovator, choose 9 Windows in Creative tools list and start to analyze and predict the future. How does it work?  Create 3 X 3 matrix to get 9 fields – 9 Windows as shown on the image below: The horizontal axis reflects TIME and presented in three phases: PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE. To be clear let’s take an example: PAST…

Product Update: Platform authentication

Every modern business application requires the highest security standards and PRIZ Guru Platform is not an exception. However, achieving even a minimal level of protection demands extreme time and resources investment. That is why in PRIZ Guru we decided to use the best tool for the job and not to reinvent the wheel. The most important, we delegate all the complexity to professionals while we continue the development of our core product. Auth0 was our first choice for this job. Auth0 is a universal authentication & authorization platform for web, mobile and legacy applications. We trust them, and we are…