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The Complete List of June 2022 Product Updates

July 17, 2022

Thank you for visiting our October product update blog. Take a look at what PRIZ has been up to lately.

User Profile

The user profile now includes a bit more details than before. Things like the organization you are from and where you are geographically located have been added.

These are important for our next big thing 🙂

Something big is coming

Well… remember what we said about the additional information is the user profile?

Our next announcement will be revealing this next BIG thing!

Follow our new letters and public channels to learn more

The new and improved EBS

After a lot of analysis, we found many inefficiencies in traditional brainstorming. Our initial implementation was already solving some of these problems already, but it was not closing the complete loop in the process.

The last improvement of the effective brainstorming tool in the PRIZ Platform allows innovators to follow a simple interactive process to achieve a better result much faster.

We also made it fun to use 🙂

Workspace admin permissions

Until recently, the creator of a workspace was the admin of it, and changing that was not an easy task.

In order to address the client’s concerns, we made it as easy as changing a value of a dropdown. You can now make anyone an admin of any group workspace.

System & Conclusion Tabs

In order to improve the workflow and reduce the need for innovators to remember details more than necessary, we introduced system & conclusion tabs for most of the tools.

Systems are the place where we keep any information about the system or the problem that we are analyzing.
Conclusion tab is where the innovator can write down the conclusion from the analysis of this particular tool

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