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The power of PRIZ Innovation Platform

July 4, 2020

In today’s world innovation is the only way forward. We like to say that innovation is power. PRIZ Innovation Platform gives you the power to innovate systematically. PRIZ Platform supports both individual and collaborative work including remote teams.

So why do people innovate anyways? Why do we solve problems?

Well, the shortest answer is that we want to be outstanding. We want to be recognized by others. We want to be exceptional and better than others. As a result, we build and improve our Credibility, Confidence, and evidently Status.

PRIZ Innovation Platform will help you to do exactly that. Working with PRIZ platform will enhance your creative thinking, improve your ability to innovate, and do it systematically. At the end of the day, we are all innovators. we solve problems every day many times a day. The question is, why not show off our abilities to innovate, change lives, and change the world?

How does PRIZ Innovation Platform help us?

PRIZ Innovation Platform guides us (the innovators) through the innovation process. The process helps us to generate better ideas. As part of the process, it automatically documents the whole process. It’s proven that the innovation process is unique every time for any project. Hence, we can use this information to protect the ownership of the ideas.

Typical innovation process.

Even though, as we mentioned, every innovation is unique, we claim there are several very clear phases of almost any innovation.

Please remember that any innovation is a result of solving somebody’s problem. We have already discussed this in our blog: Innovation is a solution to somebody’s problem

Decide who are you working with

As was mentioned, PRIZ Platform supports individual and collaborative work. If we decide to work in a team, make sure that you are using the correct workspace.

At this point, you can invite your team into your workspace. All team members will be able to access all projects inside the workspace.

Start with the known tasks

Create a list of tasks that you think should be completed during the course of the project. Don’t worry, you and your team will be able to create additional tasks at any point during the project.

Define Problem Statement

The problem statement is by far one of the most important steps in the entire project.

Do not forget:

The problem is not what you see, hear or feel; the problem is what you should do as a result of what you see, hear or feel.

For more details please visit our blog: How to define a problem statement?

Once a problem statement is defined describe the success criteria of the project, otherwise, you will not be able to decide if the project is completed.

Empower your creative thinking

Creative thinking tools are what you need to direct and focus your thoughts and generate solutions.
List of tools and links to relevant blogs:

Generate Innovative Ideas

You will be able to collect and manage all your ideas in Ideas Manager which will help you to prioritize the ideas, choose the most relevant, and make a decision.

Certify your solutions & ideas

Last, but not least is the certification of your idea. The Innovation Platform will help you to generate a certificate and attach the full documentation of your idea generation process. The documentation as a “fingerprint” of your idea and it will protect your ownership.

Now you are all set. You and your team are innovators. Your ownership is protected. The idea is yours. You can contact investors, and so on…

PRIZ Guru Innovation Platform leads you to create and continuously improve your Credibility, Confidence, and Status.

In PRIZ Guru, we target Individuals having charismatic ambitions,  Colleges, and Universities, Incubators, and Startups, Corporations willing to innovate and change the world.

Start innovating with PRIZ online platform

LOGIN to PRIZ Innovation Platform and start your project.

Good luck.

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  • Frederick S Buchman
    July 6, 2020

    Please help me understand the differences and similarities between PRIZ and TRIZ. Thank you.

    • Anatoly
      July 6, 2020

      Many thanks for your comment. TRIZ is a theory of problem solving – science, philosophy, and a set of problem solving tools. TRIZ requests long term training. We are TRIZ guys and decided to pick up and promote mainly the practical part of TRIZ. Therefore we replaced T (theory) for P (practice) and moved from TRIZ to PRIZ. Our main purpose is to let people use problem-solving tools directly even without deep education in TRIZ. We are looking for integration of TRIZ and its direct practical application. Our platform is based on the integration of project/task management and problem-solving and related tools. Such an integrated platform allows users to manage innovation projects.

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