Changes vs Innovations. What is the difference?

Our life is full of changes. We change apartments, cars, work, accept a new position, start learning, etc. We make a lot of changes at our work too – maintain equipment, clean the products, change vendors, and hire or fire people. And we can continue the list of possible changes endlessly. The question is, do we need these changes or not? Are they innovations or just changes? In most cases, people don’t bother much to analyze or even think about the reason for any change they make. Here, let’s do the simple analysis that everyone should do. And we’ll do…

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Innovation is the solution to the right problem

As we already discussed in one of our previous blogs (What is the problem?), the main issue in the problem-solving process is to identify the right problem and to separate between a failure and the actual problem. We should always be concentrating on problem-solving and not wasting the time on fixing the failure. As a quick reminder, a single failure can, and usually does cause several different problems.Some recommendations on how to define a problem statement described in the blog How to define a problem statement? The concept The concept is that failure can cause a wide variety of problems….

Fight COVID-19 with Creative Thinking

The systems we live with are not ideal; and, our lives are certainly not ideal. We all got problems that we have to solve every day. Even a decision to not solve the problem and leave it as-is is a type of problem-solving. We already published in one of our blogs, Where do problems come from? What generates a problem, and described where problems originate from. Types of problems There are generally two types of problems. Predictable problems For instance: low production yield, high level of defects.Predictable problems are typically solved slowly, scientifically by creating and completing projects bringing only…

What is the problem?

As a matter of fact, we have already discussed the definition of a problem statement in our previous post “How to define a problem statement?” Since we received a lot of comments and questions regarding the difference between failure and problem, we decided to repeat the explanation and add a clear example. Here, we want to emphasize that failure can cause a number of problems. In addition, each problem may be different for different people. Again and again, do not confuse failure with a problem. A problem can be solved while failure cannot be fixed. A single failure can cause…

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