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As one can already imagine, anything we do in the PRIZ Innovation Platform is encapsulated in a project. Whether it’s a long-running and complex project or a small decision-making task, we believe that organizing the work in the form of a project is the right way to go. Just think about it, sometimes, even choosing a color of paint for your walls, it is a small project, and if we treat it this way we’ll be able to make sure that it is completed so we can celebrate even the smallest wins.

In this documents we will describe the two possible ways how we can create a project.

Sign Up & Login

For the purpose of this document, we are assuming that you have successfully registered and logged in. In case you need assistance with registration or authentication, you can refer to Sign Up & Login Instructions.

New Project Creation

There are two ways how we can create a new project. A result of both options is almost exactly the same; however, they are used for different purposes.

We start on a project listing page. Above the list of your existing projects (or in the very center of the page if there aren’t any), you can find two buttons got projects creation.

Project listing

New blank project

In order to create a new blank project click on the + Add New Project button.

This will open a new project creation page. Here you should provide a title for your project and click create

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Solving a challenge

In case that you decided to

In case you decided to try and solve one of the challenges offered in the system, click Solve a Challenge button.

Once clicked, you will be presented with a dialog where you can choose a challenge to solve.

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Click Solve This Challenge button under a challenge of your choice. This will create a new project with some pre-filled data, such at title, etc…

What is next?

Where you started a blank project or made a decision to solve a challenge, once the project is created, you will be redirected project start wizard (we’ll expand on that later)

Good luck!

P.S. Please, let us know if you require any assistance.

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