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Like any other managed project in our life, an innovation project needs to have a starting point and some overview that clear to the viewer. We already saw parts of that during the project creation, and that includes a title and a brief description. The overview is literally the high-level (executive) overview of the project.

It is encouraged to have a clear title and solid description, as this is eventually going to be used for reporting and certifications (when available). Also, keep in mind, these can be changed at any point in time throughout the project lifecycle; so, adjust it as you need when you need to.

Innovation project overview

As shown above, the overview page allows to update the title and description by simply typing into the respective fields. There is no need to manually save the changes, they will be saved automatically.

In addition, at the bottom of the page, the is a collection of shortcuts to various sections of the project:

  • Tasks
  • Problem statement
  • Creative tools
  • Idea manager

Contact us for any questions and or concerns.

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